ELC Student Testimonials

My favourite thing about Malaysia is culture. In Malaysia, there are a lot of persons who live in mix of religion. I have great time, before I didn’t interested that. It was good opportunity for me that I can talk with them about each other culture.

Honami Nakano


Being 4 months in Malaysia I’ve discovered a new culture and interesting people. Locals are very friendly and always ready to help foreigners with a great pleasure

Ani Yeghiazaryan


My favourite thing about Malaysia is that I can feel other culture through their hair, clothes and talking.

Ayuka Namiki


Teachers are friendly and experienced.

Abdalrahman Elngar


There are a lot of good things for me about Malaysia.

Ryo Morita (IELTS 5.5)


My favourite things about Malaysia were the cheap price of local foods, transportation, and clothes were good for me.

Sayoko Takeuchi


I recommend everyone to come here and study because it is really good place for learning English language!

Awatef Mohamed Adim


To study English in modern and interesting city, choose Kuala Lumpur. ELC is a good opportunity for studying English language with the native speakers.

Kalau Saniya


There are activities at the weekend, these trips are helpful also useful for improve your language

Walid Mohamed Ayad


I do not believe that this country is as dangerous as the media portrays.



I like this place because it is very good to speak English.

Al-Turki, Ebrahim Ali Yahya Ali


They use innovative ways to teach us English.

Uchida Ayano


There are lots of Arabic restaurant to eat nearby ELC.

Alkathiri, Khaled Monef S and Al-Yafeai, Abdulhameed Mohammed Abdullah

Saudi Arabia

I liked the class because of the activities that are present for everyone.

Abdulrahman, Anwar Ebrahim Hasan


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