The Department of Education in Colombia has set an ambitious goal of raising English standards of all school leavers. To help them to achieve this, ELC provides teachers to work in Government schools and technical colleges to co-teach and take speaking and listening classes and activities.

The program

The Colombian government has established a nationwide program designed to improve levels of English for students in government schools and technical training centres, with a particular focus on students from lower income areas. Foreign teachers are sponsored to teach English in a range of educational establishments that serve lower and middle-income students and communities.

This is an ideal program for newly qualified teachers seeking their first teaching experience in a supported program. They will have a thorough 2-week orientation with practical training in Bogota and then gain valuable professional development and support during the program. It is also suitable for teachers with some previous experience wishing to make a valuable contribution to their students and the Colombian local community. This is also a unique opportunity to have an amazing cultural immersion experience with likeminded international teachers.

The SENA program (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) is a branch of the Colombian government that is responsible for providing professional training to youth and adults.

The MEN program is organised and sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Colombia responsible for teaching in primary and secondary schools.

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