China is a complex and spectacular country with high demand for English teachers. ELC delivers our 4-week TESOL certificate twice a year in Beijing leading into a one semester teaching internship in a primary or secondary school in China. Since 2005 over 3000 teachers have completed this program, which offers orientation and in-country support.

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The program

There are two options depending on whether you are already qualified to teach English or if you want to do your TESOL qualification as part of your program.

China Internship Program

Already TESOL qualified?

The internship will give you the opportunity to get your first overseas teaching experience and experience first-hand local Chinese life. Teachers work in primary and high schools and some universities for one semester. Interns all arrive on the same day and have a one-week in-country orientation with Mandarin classes as well as tours and activities. They then go to their placement schools in locations across China (minimum 2 teachers at one placement). Once there, accommodation is provided and ongoing welfare and academic support. Bonus and internship certificate are provided.

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China Training & Internship Program

Not TESOL qualified yet?

If you don’t have a TESOL qualification yet, this option enables you to take ELC’s 4 week face-to-face TESOL course in Beijing at the start of your program and then complete your internship. The course will prepare you to teach in China and beyond as you’ll gain a recognized teaching qualification. The course includes teaching practice with local students so by the time you start your internship you’ll be feeling really confident.

Key facts

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