Sayoko Takeuchi


My favourite things about Malaysia were the cheap price of local foods, transportation, and clothes were good for me.

All ELC staff were kind and friendly.  There were a lot of activities after lessons.  I could enjoy one day trip and the rooftop bar. The location ELC was convenient for students, the center of city. My teacher was Louis (British) who spoke nice, of course! He gave us the important summary prints sometimes that were useful for us. Other teachers, Tim and  Sharmilla were also nice and kind. Beginning of lesson for me, the voice of teacher was not familiar for me so it is a little bit difficult to catch the English, but little by little my hearing was getting better. The text book was good. Every students were positive and actively in our class that inspired me a lot. Junnie’s slang class was interesting. Nice class mate and new friends were nice!!
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