Ryo Morita (IELTS 5.5)


There are a lot of good things for me about Malaysia.

I think especially I was satisfied with food because we can select and eat many type of dishes (Malaysian,Arabic,Chinese.etc..). And also almost all of them are so cheap! Of course all of them are very delicious! And also I think personality is one of the most wonderful parts.  There are a lots who are so friendly and cheerful in Malaysia. All teacher and staff are so kind at ELC. Every teacher asked me how my study is whenever I meet. My class teacher gave me some advice for better English and unique knowledge. In class, we often take discussions and express our idea.For example,we play a role of manager that is going to open new restaurant and think about the content and strategy for success. Of course, we learn about grammar and pronunciation. At IELTS class, I could learn about how to answer for getting high score each part.And I practiced speaking part after school with a teacher by using real pretest. At that time, teacher give me a score, advice and solution for being better.
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